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The state of the Garden. Saw pansies, Forsythia and Camellia blooms trying to show themselves yesterday. The slow release fertilizer has been applied to the trees and shrubs as needed. The pre emergent herbicide will be applied next week mto lawns with a history of crabgrass problems. Some last planting projects are on the calender. I like to have all plantings done by the end of Febuary if possible. Seventy degress tomorrow. Is it spring? Full moon tomorow.

The State of the Garden.Wind chill of 11 degress this moValentines Day! More winter weather on the way. The garden has had good cold temperatures to reset the plants with good dormancy. Even though the dead of winter is apon us there is gardening to do. Apply slow release fertilizer to young plants ,clean up perennialsand ornamental grasses. Avoid pruning hydrangeas untill new growth emerges. Install new plantings before spring. Deer love azaleas. For the one week of bloom and the Lacebug issue are they worthit. I dont think so. There are lots of spring blooming alternatives which I will discuss in my next blog. Stay warm and heathly.

The State of the Garden. 2015 was the wettest year in the Sandhills since 1887. With a measured rainfall of 78 inches our plants should be well watered. I hope for a beautiful display of spring flowers with allof this moisture. Apply slow release fertilizer to unestablished trees and shrubs now. No need to fertilize plants unless necessary. Apply Horticultural oil to plants with a history of insect pests. As the weather warms, use irrigation only when absolutely necessary. Get out and enjoy the few nice rain free days we are having. Deer are a problem.