Long, Cool, Wet weather great for plants

Since December, rarely a week has gone by with rain ,wind and below normal temperatures. Although uncomfortable to be outside this type of weather helps plants to ‘reset’. My Snow Goose Cherry in my Landscape has bloomed for several weeks and usually is very brief. The warm weather will start the next week. If you have irrigation systems also referred as sprinkler systems, have them serviced by a licensed NC Irrigation contractor. You may be handy enough to service the system yourself. If you hose water, make sure all your hoses and connections are tight. WE don’t want to wast any water. Those of us who suffer from allergies will have a rough couple of weeks. With the wet weather, the pollen produced will be great. Enjoy the warmth of the next week and evaluate your landscape. If you are considering some Landscape enhancement or plant installation or even low voltage landscape lights, shop early before the better contractors and installers become heavily booked for the next several months. Check you Camellias for Scale insects. I have seen more than the usual amount of this pest. A good Horticultural oil spray directed to the underside of the leaf should clear up the problem. If you are uncomfortable with applying pesticides, call a licensed NC Pesticide applicator to make these treatments for you. Delay perennial and annual plant installation untill after the 21st of April to avoid cold damage. Have a great week and enjoy Natures Spring Beauty. Shawn M. Sazama American Landscape. americanlandscapesnc.com

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