Today’s observations.

This afternoon, the leaves and turf definitely started the turn toward Fall/Winter.The days are getting short. The warm season grasses are finished growing. It’s time to start planting. Trees and shrubs with berries are coloring up. The soil is cooling. We could use some rain to finish germinating the Rye and Fescue seed. I’m already seeing some cool season weeds in turf. I’d say some weed control will be needed in about two weeks. If you have not taken a soil test, you should. The soil ph (acidity is so important. The soil test will advise if lime is need to make the soil less acidic. We will Lime in November. Don’t forget to winterize your sprinkler system after Thanksgiving, especially if you have an above ground backflow preventers. If you need help with this, call 910-295-1252 for a winterization. Planting and transplanting can begin within the next two weeks. Call us if you need help with your Fall Projects. Some vendors are offering excellent discounts on walk and patio pavers,  natural stone and landscape lighting materials. Thanks for your support. We look forward to working with you this Fall.

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