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Coldest, Hottest, Driest; what next.

Just when the calendar shows a date which would typically be the beginning of the Fall planting season, the weather has turned abnormally dry. Even though I make my living is part by planting, I am suggesting not installing a lot of trees and shrubs now. If you have other landscaping issues, drainage, irrigation systems, hardscapes,lighting, basically anything other than planting, go ahead with it. If you can water efficiently, by all means do. Rhododendrons seem to be taking this years weather especially hard.I have not heard of any municipal water restrictions yet. Please water wisely, all natural resources are limited. When we finally start getting some rain, I will be able to tell how stressed the landscapes have become. Horticulturally, this has been a very difficult year. Hope you are well. Keep a positive attitude, and look to the sky for much-needed help. We are offering nice discounts on hardscapes,   irrigation systems. Contact us immediately to take advantage of these huge savings.