It’s great to be alive!

The weatherman says the high temperature for tomorrow will be eighty degrees. hallelujah! It’s amazing what a difference it makes when it’s below one hundred degrees. The days are getting shorter, the Sasanqua Camellias are full of flower buds, life is good. With the decrease in temperature we will see an increase in late summer insects. Whitefly and lacebug are hatching, scales have been around all summer. If these insects are reaching damaging levels, this is a good time to control them. My pick is Horticultural oil. Be thorough in your application. What else can you be doing these fine late summer evenings? De thatch your perennials, cultivate your annuals. Both could use a little bump of low nitrogen fertilizer. Take your soil samples. if you need lime , the earlier you can apply it, the sooner you will see the results. Continue to water at one inch per week. The soil temperature will start falling in late September so any landscape projects should be planned now. please contact me anytime with your questions.

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