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Welcome to the jungle!

Trim, prune. My maintenance crews dream of it. Plants are hardening off from the Spring flush of growth. If you can wait even two more weeks, that will be a great time to prune. If you have overgrown plants, don’t hesitate to renovate these by selective hard pruning. If you do not have the tools, the knowhow or the debris disposal capabilities, then call us. With the rain and humidity in , we have fertilized the warm season turf. We used 10-0-26 this year per our soil tests. Depending on the weather, we will do again in about 60-75 days. Azalea Lacebug, Camellia Scale, and Spider mites are flaring up now. I am using a combination of OrtheneĀ and Horticultural oil at the Summer rate and achieving good control. As we approach the Summer solstice, weed pressure will be at its greatest. Use the correct product and watch your drift to non target species. Enjoy your Memorial Holiday, yours in plantdom, SMS.

May showers bring June flowers?

Today we trenched in an irrigation system. The soil is as dry as beach sand. The weather extremes are significant. Global warming, the end of our species? Continue to water your trees and shrubs deeply once or twice per week. Warm season turf (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede) have already gone back dormant in unirrigated areas. If you don’t mind the look, and you don’t want a large water bill, leave the water off the lawns. They should recover quickly when and if it starts to rain again. Fescue is another matter. Without lots of water almost daily, Fescue is done, toast, don’t light a match! All people should do a rain dance at least daily until further notice.