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Beautiful weather, but dry.

Another spectacular day in NC. Please rain!

spring pruning, is it time?

With all the Winter rain from the El Nino weather system, plants are exploding with new growth.  If you want to maximize your pruning effort, wait until the Spring flush has ‘hardened off’. This term means the soft, tender growth matures into a hard leaf. This will typically be the end of May of early June. If  your landscape starts to look shaggy, resist the earge to prune right now. Remember , the flowers which have already been pollinated and are now fruit are visible on the plant. If you want late summer and fall fruit, do not prune off all these small green fruits. In addition, if your plants are flushing out well and appear vigorous, do not fertilize. This is not good for the plant or the environment. Have a pleasant afternoon.

Irrigation tips for springtime

After an El Nino Winter weather pattern of above average rainfall, we are settling into a dry spring. The National weather service is calling for a hot summer. No comment from the weather service on predicted rainfall. Vegetation seems not to be suffering as of yet. Turf is showing stress. Cool weather species are going off color in the afternoon due to wind and low humidity. Perhaps a ten minutes pulse of irrigation at 1:00pm and again at 3:00pm will help. The warm weather turf species I’m not concerned about. When it becomes humid or starts to rain , they will green up. Try to avoid the urge to do a lot of watering now. Things are dry ,but not critical. Maximum water to landscape should be 1″. Do not fertilize until weather stabilizes.

Azalea Lacebugs are hatching!

Be ready. I’ve already seen adults on Southern Indicas.  Ultra fine horticultural oil will be my first choice this year.